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From A to Z: E


Liquid  Non-Chlorine
Oxygen  Bleach

  • Energizes Through The Power Of Oxygen

  • Easier On The Environment Than Standard Chlorine Bleach

  • Lifts Tough Stains From Hard Surfaces

  • Effective For Carpet Spotting ; Deodorizing ; Grease & Grime Removal ; Laundry Stains ; Odor Elimination ; Outdoor Deck & Furniture Cleaning ; and Whitening !

    "ECO" Liquid Oxygen Bleach ( Non-Chlorine ) is an effective 8% Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide Solution which bleaches and restores most surfaces without the harmful effects of chlorine . Conversely, Chlorine Bleach can have negative health effects due to its adverse impact on indoor air quality and its corrosive fumes on the human respiratory and digestive systems .

    "ECO" Liquid Oxygen Bleach oxidizes and “whitens” hard surfaces and fabrics being effective on stains and spills without destroying the surfaces inherent color. According to the EPA , “Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down rapidly in the environment to oxygen and water, and is not expected to cause adverse effects to humans, animals, vegetation or the environment when user follows label directions.”


    Bathrooms : For toilets add 3 ounces of Oxygen Bleach, wait 15 minutes then scrub. For tile floors , add 4 ounces of Oxygen Bleach to one gallon of water . Mop onto floor . Agitate with stiff brush, especially along grout lines . Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes . Rinse with clean water. For shower curtains soak in one ounce of Oxygen Bleach per gallon of warm water; For mildew stains , soak overnight.

    Carpets : To destain and deodorize carpets add one ounce of Oxygen Bleach per gallon of carpet shampoo prior to cleaning. For urine, feces, or vomit stains on carpets or upholstery, add one teaspoon of Oxygen Bleach to 8 ounces of water, wipe onto stain, wait 10 minutes , blot with an absorbent cloth, and then rinse with clean water .

    Kitchen : For stained plastic ware, dishes, dish rags and dish towels add 1-2 ounces of Oxygen Bleach to the container to be cleaned or to the dishwater and soak for at least 15 minutes. To keep your drains and disposals clear and smelling fresh add 1 ounce of Oxygen Bleach in 8 ounces of hot water and allow solution to sit in drain overnight.

    Laundry : In the laundry , Oxygen Bleach is used to brighten, destain, deodorize, and whiten. It is very effective as a laundry presoak for heavily stained articles. For light soils add 1 ounce of Oxygen Bleach with your laundry detergent per load. For moderate soils use 2 ounces and for heavily soiled articles use 4 ounces. DO NOT allow concentrated product to remain on fabric . NOTE : Test colorfastness of fabric by applying one drop of Oxygen Bleach to hidden area . Check for change or damage after 5 minutes . If change or damage occurs , discontinue use immediately .

    Mold & Mildew Removal : For acoustic tiles add 6 ounces of Oxygen Bleach per gallon of hot water, spray on tiles, wait 15 minutes then rinse with clean water. For carpeting , add 2-4 ounces of Oxygen Bleach per gallon of hot water, apply generously to stain, wait 10 minutes, then blot with an absorbent towel.For cleaning baseboards or basement floors after water damage from flooding, add 4 ounces of Oxygen Bleach to a gallon of warm water, scrub surface, wait 30 minutes then rinse with clean water.

    Outdoors : For deodorizing garbage cans add 1 ounce of Oxygen Bleach per gallon of water and let soak. For outdoor furniture add 2 ounces of Oxygen Bleach to hot water, scrub, wait 15 minutes, then rinse. For cleaning and restoring wood decks. Dilute 6 ounces of Oxygen Bleach in a gallon of hot water. Apply to wet deck. Scrub with a stiff broom or brush . Wait 10-15 minutes . Then rinse with water.

    Septic Systems : For septic systems add 4 ounces of Oxygen Bleach to toilet and flush into the septic system twice a week.

    Other : For dirty / smelly mop renewal , add 3 ounces of Oxygen Bleach to a gallon of hot water, soak mops overnight , then rinse thoroughly with water .

    Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide - 8% ( CAS # : 7722- 84-1 );
    Water ( CAS # : 7789-20-0 )

    Safety Data
    6 / 64 oz./case





    A One Product
    Multi-Purpose Cleaning System with
    Low Potential for Environmental Illness
    and Endocrine Disruption


    Can Be Used As
    A Baby - Safe
    Carpet Shampoo

    including, but NOT Limited to :
    All-Purpose Cleaning; Carpet Care;
    Damp Dusting; Floor Cleaner;
    General-purpose Cleaning; Glass Cleaning;
    Heavy-duty Degreasing;
    Laundry; Soap Scum Removal;
     &  Truck Washing

    A Product Designed Specifically for
    Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Sufferers


     Certified under "GREEN SEAL's" Environmental Standard for Industrial & Institutional Cleaners (GS-37).The GS-37 standard was developed for the purpose of identifying environmentally-responsible cleaning products.

       *As an Ecological Cleaning Agent , Meets Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Criteria PRC-097 "Certified Cleaning Product with Low Potential for Environmental Illness and Endocrine Disruption".

    "ECOgent"  cleaner meets or exceeds ALL PRC-097 criteria. It embodies all the right principles - being renewable, low toxic, low volatile, and readily biodegradable under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. A key factor of this innovative techology is that cleaning ingredients are derived from vegetable matter through fermentation processes.

  • Made from 100 % natural ingredients derived from renewable resources
  • Does NOT contain petrochemicals, phosphates, EDTA, NTA, dyes, synthetic perfumes, preservatives, or pesticides

    ... And it is so low in volatiles and is unscented that "ECOgent" has been recommended by M.C.S. ( Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) sufferers.

    Especially with infants, toddlers, and young children, general purpose cleaners used for daily cleaning should be certified or meet the criteria under Environmental ChoiceM Certification Criteria PRC-097 "Cleaning Products with Low Potential for Environmental Illness and Endocrine Disruption".

    Under PRC-097, certified cleaners must:
    *Meet or exceed government and industry safety and performance standards
    *Meet the requirements of all applicable government acts, bylaws and regulations including the Fisheries Act and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act
    *Clean common hard surfaces effectively
    *Not require poison labeling under the Hazardous Products Act
    *Be accompanied by detailed instructions for proper use to maximize product performance and minimize waste
    *Be labeled for use with tepid water when diluted
    *Not be formulated with phosphates, NTA, EDTA, APEOs, organic ingredients which are bioaccumulating or potentially bioaccumulating
    *Not contain chemicals which are proven or probable carcinogens
    *Not contain halogenated organic solvents or butoxy-ethanol
    *Not use ethylene oxide in the manufacture of the whole formula or any component
    *Not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exceeding 0.05% by weight
    *Be readily biodegradable under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions
    *Be nontoxic to aquatic life by whole formulation short-term sensitive toxicity tests
    *Have a calculated oral rat toxicity of LD50 > 5000 mg/kg by whole formulation test
    *Demonstrate minimum potential for introduction of endocrine disrupting by-products into the receiving environment, through complete absence of detectable recalcitrant metabolites formed during biodegradation tests
    *Demonstrate low potential for skin irritancy
    *Be listed with a recognized environmental health organization as a product not harmful to people suffering from environmental illness, including, inter alia, the Envirodesic™ Certification Program, the Canadian Lung Association, the Asthma Society of Canada, and the Environmental Illness Society of Canada.


    CANADA'S "Environmental CHOICE Program" : 
    A Third-party Verifier and
    Certified Environmentally Responsible!

    "Enviromental CHOICE Program" :  Certification Criteria Document -- PRC - 097

    The ENVIRODESIC™ Certification Program identifies a growing family of cleaner products, healthier buildings, and expert services that promote "Maximum Indoor Air Quality" and sustainability. The Envirodesic™ certification mark is licensed to qualified builders, manufacturers and service-providers whose buildings, products and services meet stringent standards for healthy indoor environments. The Envirodesic team also helps manufacturers develop products which are ecologically sustainable.The Envirodesic™ Certification Program is administered by Small & Rubin Ltd. and has access to international experts in low-pollution design, toxicology, medicine, indoor air quality, marketing and related areas. The Envirodesic™ Certification Program is recognized by The Lung Association's "C.A.N. DO - The Movement for Clean Air Now" Campaign. This product is certified as a "sustainable low-emission cleaning product with minimal environmental impact, that is suitable even for the hypersensitive".

    "The ENVIRODESIC™ Certification Program"


    Most conventional cleaning chemicals such as general-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and carpet cleaners contain a known "poisonous" ingredient--"2-butoxyethanol"-- which serves as a water-soluble degreasing solvent for easier cleaning. Butoxyethanol is easily absorbed through your skin and poisons your blood, kidneys,and liver; and may cause pregnancy problems over an extended period of exposure. It's use leaves extensive microscopic chemical residues on all hard surfaces after application. Even more importantly, carpeting,  due to its retentive nature, absorbs more of this chemical ingredient during its cleaning, and may cause overexposure through off-gassing of its solvent vapors to babies,toddlers, and young children crawling or playing on these carpets after cleaning.In a well-cited case, the one year old son of famous celebrities almost died after their home's carpeting was professionally cleaned. " Kawasaki Syndrome" is an acute allergic reaction to cleaning chemicals which overtaxes the child's immune system and causes high fever and a rash. The health and well-being of children and pets are far more affected by conventional cleaning products than grown adults with full body size and weight.

    Additionally , many people have developed chemical sensitivities to many cleaning products formulated with common petrochemical-based detergents; preservatives; anti-microbial agents; Volatile Organic Compounds ( V.O.C.'s ); other synthetic chemicals; and especially general-purpose cleaners containing non-ionic surfactants.

    General purpose cleaners contain surfactants or wetting agents as the largest ingredient, usually non-ionic surfactants. Non Ionic surfactants are a class of surfactants, which includes Alkyl Phenols Ethoxylates and Alcohol Ethoxylates.

    Both Alkyl Phenol and Alcohol Ethoxylates are manufactured by reaction with Ethylene Oxide a known carcinogen which also possess several other physical health hazards including acute toxicity, high reactivity and mutagenic effects, neurotoxicity, and sensitization.

    Some non-ionic surfactants have demonstrated the ability to affect the reproduction system of fish and wildlife. Many concerns have been raised about very low levels of contaminants and combined contaminants in the environment. The accepted term for synthetic chemical reaction with the reproduction systems is ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS.


    "ECOgent" is a uniquely patented, multi-functional 100 % All-Natural Cleaning Product, with sound health and safety capabilities based on ground-breaking technology."ECOgent"  and distilled water have similar oral toxicity. All of its ingredients are derived from renewable, plant sources."ECOgent" biodegrades under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Many biodegradable cleaners DO NOT significantly degreade in the absence of oxygen."ECOgent" degrades completely with ( aerobic ) --or--without ( anaerobic ) the presence of oxygen in river and lake sediment, waste treatment plants, and septic systems. Otherwise, toxic residues would persist in the environment which is likely with conventional cleaners. "ECOgent"  has proven to aerobically degrade in Ready Biodegradation Test OECD 301d and anaerobically in ASTM Test Method 1196-92 for Anaerobic Biodegradation of Organic Chemicals.

    "ECOgent"  has been tested and proven to clean as well as any nationally-branded all-purpose cleaner concentrate using Test Method ASTMC5343-93. As a BABY-SAFE CARPET SHAMPOO , it has proven NOT to promote carpet re-soiling.

    "ECOgent"  is designed to be used by Multiple Chemically Sensitive and Hypersensitive individuals. It has minimal effect on Indoor Air Quality emitting less than 0.05 % V.O.C.'s. into the air ( as defined by the "California Air Resources Board ( CARB )" and the U.S. EPA National Volatile Organic Compounds Emission Standards for consumer products. "ECOgent" is suitable for individuals, especially children, with asthma and sensitivities to airborne chemicals ( It is LISTED by the ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESS SOCIETY OF CANADA in their El-Friendly Directory ). It leaves No chemical residues on hard surfaces to create off-gassing fumes or airborne contaminating powders.


    NOTE : "ECOgent"  is safe for use on most washable, hard and soft
    surfaces. It is always recommended to pre-test the effects of any cleaner on an inconspicuous area BEFORE general use.

    "ECOgent" can be used to clean most surfaces with little risk to your cleaning staff, employees, the general public, your family, or YOU ! It can be used to clean carpets, cars, floors, food handling equipment, general equipment, kitchens, mirrors, vehicles, walls, ...and much more !

    Deep Cleaning Procedures:

    For best results, dry-vacuum carpet before cleaning. After cleaning, use fans to dry and avoid foot traffic before carpet dries. Dry-vacuum again after carpet dries thoroughly.

    A: Hot Water Extraction:

    1. Mix one ( 1 ) part "ECOgent"  with 20 parts water
      in pre-spray unit. (200 ml "ECOgent"  in 4L water, or 6.4 oz. per gallon)
    2. Spray heavily soiled areas and allow a dwell time of 15 to 20 minutes.
    3. Mix 12 ml "ECOgent"  per 4L hot water (1/3 oz. per gallon) in extractor and extract carpet.
    4. Addition of defoamer in soiled water tank may be needed.

    B: Cold Water Extraction:

    1. Mix 1 part "ECOgent"  to 10 parts cold water in pre-spray unit. (400ml "ECOgent"  in 4L water, or 12.8 oz. per gallon)
    2. Spray all areas to be cleaned and allow a dwell time of 15 to 20 minutes.
    3. Rinse carpet thoroughly with cold water only in extractor.
    4. Addition of defoamer in soiled water tank is recommended.

    C: Rotary Floor Machine followed by Rinse Extraction:

    1. Mix 1 part "ECOgent"  with 64 parts warm or hot water. (62.5 ml "ECOgent"  per 4L water or 2 oz. per gallon)
    2. Scrub carpet and allow 15 to 20 minutes before rinse extracting carpet with water only.
    3. Addition of defoamer in soiled water tank is recommended.


    D: Heavy Carpet Spotting:
    1. Apply "ECOgent"  undiluted.
    2. Allow time to penetrate stain.
    3. Tamp with a spotting brush.
    4. Rinse with the extractor

    E: Light Daily Spotting

    1. Mix 1 part "ECOgent" with 40 parts water in spray bottle. (100 ml "ECOgent"  in 4L water or 3.2 oz. per gallon)
    2. Spray stained area.
    3. Blot dry with towel or absorbent cloth.
    4. Repeat until stain no longer transfers onto cloth or towel.

    F: Pad Cleaning

    "ECOgent"  is an outstanding choice for light duty cleaning of carpets.

    1. Mix 1 part "ECOgent" with 64 parts warm or hot water in bucket and pre-spray unit. (62.5 ml "ECOgent"  per 4L water or 2 oz. per gallon)
      (Note: Do not use more than the recommended concentration.)
    2. Dip pad in premixed cleaning solution; squeeze excess liquid from pad.
    3. Spray soiled areas with pre-spray unit.
    4. Pad clean, changing pads as required.
    For most cleaning, only ONE dilution can be used to clean most common surfaces. Dilute one ( 1 ) part "ECOgent"  with 40 parts water. Use to spray and wipe all hard surfaces. Direct food contact surfaces require rinsing with potable water.

    For extremely greasy soils, dilute one ( 1 ) part of "ECOgent" with 10 parts warm or hot water. Spray or foam onto surface and allow to penetrate for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Agitate and rinse with water.

    Washing :   Measure 1/2 cup ( 123 ml ) per normal load. Use more for heavily soiled loads. For improved results on whites, use presoak cycle.
    Pre-treating :  For stains, grease spots, and such, pour a small undiluted amount of "ECOgent"  onto stain, rub in, allow to sit for 5-10 minutes. Wash as usual.


    Cleaning Condition :            Concentrate Dilution Ratio :        Procedure :
    Carpet Stains                           1 part to 40 parts water                 Spray, Allow                                                                                                             to Penetrate, and                                                                                                             Blot Dry

    Carpet   Care                              1 part to 128 parts water            Use in Extractor

    Damp Dusting                            1 part to 128 parts water                Damp Wiping

    Floors                                   1 part to 256 parts water                 Mopping

    Greasy Soils                                   1 part to 10 parts water                    Spray or Foam,                                                                                                               Allow to                                                                                                               Penetrate,                                                                                                               Agitate and Rinse.

    Soap Scum                                 1 part to 10 parts water                   Spray or Foam,                                                                                                               Allow to                                                                                                               Penetrate,                                                                                                               Agitate and Rinse.

    Truck Washing                          1 part to 256 parts water                 Pressure Washer                                                                                                             Hand Washing                                                                                         ( COMMERCIAL USE ONLY )

    Window Washing               1 part to 40 parts water                  Spray, Allow                                                                                                               to Penetrate, and                                                                                                               Wipe Dry

  • Suitable for most commercial, institutional, and household cleaning tasks.
  • Suitable for use on polystyrene, polycarbonate, and plexiglass ( Test method 142.5 hours, immersion at 50 degrees ). Leading manufacturers of acrylic and polystyrene shower stalls, bath tubs, whirlpool tubs, and accessories suggest this product as a cleaner.



         1 PART WITH 64 PARTS WATER ( 2 OZ PER GAL./ 62 ML. to 4 LITRES ).

    Micro fibre cleaning cloths is a material consisting of usually 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide. Micro fibre's advantage over traditional cleaning cloths is that they can gather and hold a large quantity of soil. Micro fibre cleaning cloths are fairly inert and do not promote growth of bacteria, but the soils they gather and hold do. After all, bacteria require food or nutrients to grow and as long as contaminants gather in these cloths, frequent laundering or high temperature cleaning (90 degrees Celsius) is necessary to avoid bacteria buildup and odors. Equally important, cloths that are not cleaned thoroughly will eventually redeposit soils on surfaces being cleaned.

    Micro fibre cleaning cloths are incompatible with chlorine bleach and cationic surfactants such as fabric softeners, and likely quaternary disinfectants as well. "ECOgent" General Purpose Cleaner is perfectly compatible with micro fibre cleaning cloths, and its cleaning properties resolve the issue of accumulated contaminants in micro fibre cloths, which otherwise require rejuvenation or laundering.

    "ECOgent"  and micro fibre cloths work synergistically to enhance cleaning efficiency, and "ECOgent"  enables easy release and removal of hydrophilic and hydrophobic soils from the cloths, reducing the need for additional rejuvenation or laundering.

    The "ECOgent" Cleaning Method, which is ideal for use with micro fibre cloths, represents an environmentally compatible, highly sustainable solution to daily cleaning tasks on all common building surfaces.

    NOTE : The "BLUE" and "WHITE" Micro Fibre Cloths perform the same function. The different colored cloths differentiate functions to avoid confusion and cross-contamination.

    AGAIN,..ONE of the BEST WAYS of evaluating if a product is environmentally preferable is third party verification and certification of environmental benefits. We recommend either the United States "GREEN SEALS" ; Environment Canada’s ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE PROGRAM ; and the Bid Specifications of U.S. States and Cities Purchasing Departments participating in the  "GREEN SEALS" Consortium. In all cases , review the specific criteria for certification.


    Toxicity : 
    Non-hazardous by WHMIS/OSHA criteria.
    Product dermal toxicity is greater than 2000 mg/kg calculated
    Product oral toxicity is greater than 12000 mg/kg calculated
    Not hazardous to aquatic life at levels likely to enter the environment ( test method OECD 202 Pl. )

    Biodegradability : 
    Readily biodegradable ( Test method OECD 301D; combined ingredient-based testing.
    Demonstrates excellent Anaerobic Degradation ( Test method ASTM 1196-92; combined ingredient-based testing.

    Safety Data

    Animal Testing was avoided at all stages
                          of development and proving.
  • Package ( Bulk Liquid Concentrate)

    Includes One ( 1 ) gallon of Concentrate
        Three ( 3 ) Workplace bottles with Triggers
        Two ( 2 ) "BLUE" Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths
        Two ( 2 ) "WHITE" Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths

    4/1 gallon to case +      Two ( 2 ) "BLUE" Micro Fibre Cloths/ Two ( 2 ) "WHITE"Micro Fibre Cloths

    1/5 gallon FEEDER Pail

    Extra Workplace Bottles with Triggers

    Extra "BLUE" Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths
    Extra "WHITE" Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloths

    Wholesale Price




    $3.90 each bottle/trigger

    $6.50 per white cloth

    $6.50 per blue cloth

    Website Price

    $98.00 /kit



    $3.90 each bottle/trigger

    $6.50 white

    $6.50 blue

    8 oz. Natural
    Restroom Odor Absorber/Air Freshener



    "8 oz. Natural SOLID Odor Absorber/Air Freshener" absorbs FOUL & MUSTY  Odors QUICKLY using a "Non-Toxic Formula"  that COMBINES a Baking Soda Compound with a NATURAL Citrus Essence to REFRESHEN the Air . A PERFECT REPLACEMENT for Polluting, Unhealthy Aerosol Sprays

  • Contains NATURAL Odor Eliminating Air Scents. These unique, 100% NATURAL Air Fresheners destroy any airborne odor on contact !

  • "8 oz. Natural SOLID Odor Absorber/Air Freshener"  absorbs BAD Odors and Freshens the Air...NATURALLY !

  • Using a unique formula that utilizes Baking Soda & NATURAL Essence quickly absorbs Foul Odors, and FRESHENS the air with a NATURAL Citrus Scent!

  • Ideal for odors caused by Dampness, Garbage, Pets, Mildew, Paint Fumes, Smoke ... Just place in musty closets to freshen clothes; on the counter to give that "just cleaned" fragrance to bathrooms; and under the car seat to keep your vehicle "Showroom Fresh".

    Place units in strategic areas to create a totally "FRESH"  Living Environment.

    Use "8 oz. Natural SOLID Odor Absorber/Air Freshener" for refreshing air in Automobiles, Basements, Closets, Garbage Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Pet Areas, Restrooms, RVs, and MANY MORE USES .

    Attaches onto Wall or Surface with a convenient "VELCRO Strip"

    Lasts approx. 4-6 weeks in a 350 square-foot room.

    “Citrus”; “Linen” : (Transforms any closet into a "Linen FRESH Closet". ) Great for other Storage Areas too !

    Safety Data

  • Package
    12/8 oz. Solid Gel in Self-Dispensing Unit
    ( Attaches to wall with Velcro Strip )








  • Meets or Exceeds ALL " Environment Canada's
    Environmental Choice "  PRC-097 Criteria

  • Utilizes a NON-CORROSIVE Floor Stripper
  • Floor Sealer/Finish Contains NO STYRENE !!

    Environmentally-Certified under "F"

  • "GREEN": "ENVIRONMENTALLY-CERTIFIED": Third Party Documented

    *As Ecological Cleaning Agents
     ,This Environmentally-Certified Floor Cleaning System Meets Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Criteria PRC-097 "Certified Cleaning Product with Low Potential for Environmental Illness and Endocrine Disruption"... Meets or Exceeds ALL
    PRC-097 criteria.

    NOTE : Unlike CANADA, there is no existing U.S. Criteria or Standards for certifying a Floor System as being "GREEN" .

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    FLOOR STRIPPERS : In 2000, a joint project known as the "Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project"  conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.); the State of California, and local Santa Clara County officials, it was determined that 41% of cleaning chemicals are dangerous...and 6% are "SO DANGEROUS TO USE"  that they have no right to be in an indoor environment, especially with children. One product category included within these 6 percenters is "FLOOR STRIPPERS".

      Historically, floor strippers rely on corrosive, highly alkaline caustics (bearing a precautionary "CORROSIVE"  label ) , and harsh solvents to emulsify and strip conventional floor seals and finishes. These "toxic"  and hazardous ingredients may cause severe skin burns; permanent destruction of eye tissue or blindness; and may damage the upper respiratory tract and lung tissue depending on the extent of exposure to an unaware custodial worker .Prolonged exposure to inhaling these fumes are dizziness; headaches; chest pains; muscle weakness; nausea; vomiting; coughing; and nose, throat, &  mucous membrane irritation. In fact, burns to the eyes and skin are the MOST common injuries caused by cleaning chemicals each year to professional custodial cleaners ; followed closely by breathing toxic solvent fumes. Excessive breathing of these fumes can permanently harm an individual's lungs. Aside from "human" damage, these type of caustic products may also cause surface damage to either new or old flooring .

    Two classic ingredients of floor strippers are # 1)ammonia ; and # 2) 2-butoxyethanol (commonly known as "Butyl Cellusolve") . Ammonia  is a poisonous, alkaline gas which when introduced into water is chemically known as "ammonium hydroxide"; or better known as "ammonia" (for cleaning purposes) . Ammonia is a severe respiratory tract irritant; and the most reported health complaints include eye, nose, and throat irritation; headache, nausea, diarrhea, hoarseness, sore throat, cough,chest tightness, nasal congestion, palpitations, shortness of breath, stress, drowsiness, and alterations in mood. For chemically-sensitive individuals such as asthmatics, exposure to fumes may trigger immediate attacks .

    2-butoxyethanol is one of the most prevalent chemical ingredients in most conventional cleaning products including carpet, glass, and general purpose cleaners; and in floor strippers at higher concentrations. 2-butoxyethanol is easily absorbed through the skin and poisons the blood, kidneys, and liver; and may cause pregnancy problems in woman over an extended period of time.

    Either ingredient also contributes to a higher P.H. which may create long lasting residues even after several water rinses. As air passes over these residues, they may further offgas air contaminants and chemical vapors into the indoor environment. Studies have indicated that cleaning agents included bleach, chlorine, floor stripper, ammonia,sodium hydroxide, muriatic acid, and disinfectants may be the triggering agents in work-related asthma cases. Selecting cleaning products that minimize these emissions can provide a safer environment while protecting the health of workers and occupants. This  "Environmentally-Certified FLOOR CARE PROGRAM" represents the least toxic products available today that can exceed Floor Care expectations in order to minimize potential health and safety risks .

    FLOOR FINISHES : Acrylic copolymers, the basis for ALL floor finishes, are plasticizers derived from the the copolymers of acrylonitrile (poly styrene-co-acrylonitrile ). Styrene acrylic polymers (and all acrylic polymers) are the basic building block for making plastics, resins, coatings, and paints. Styrene is primarily a synthetic chemical. Exposure to styrene is most likely to occur from breathing indoor air that is contaminated with styrene vapors from building materials, tobacco smoke, and consumer/commercial products such as cleaning chemicals. People who work where styrene is used or manufactured are likely to be exposed by breathing workplace air.

    Styrene may affect one's health. If you breathe high levels of styrene for a short time, one is more likely to experience nervous system effects such as depression, concentration problems, muscle weakness, tiredness, and nausea, and possibly eye, nose, and throat irritation. As stated,styrene is primarily used in the production of polystyrene plastics and resins. According to O.S.H.A.( ), acute health effects of styrene are generally irritation of the skin, eyes, the mucous membrane and the upper respiratory tract; and dermatitis. Acute exposure also results in gastrointestinal effects. Other symptoms to overexposure are slower reaction times, reduced manual dexterity, and impaired co-ordination and balance. Chronic (long-term) exposure to styrene in humans affects the central nervous system(CNS), showing symptoms such as headache, fatigue, weakness, and depression, CSN dysfunction, hearing loss, peripheral neuropathy and can cause minor effects on kidney function. The EPA's Office of Research and Development has updated previous assessments on the carcinogenic potential of styrene and concluded that styrene is appropriately classified in Group C, "possible human carcinogen." The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined that styrene is possibly carcinogenic to humans. Several studies of workers have shown that breathing styrene may cause leukemia. There is no information on the carcinogenicity of styrene in people who swallow it or get it on their skin.The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has limited workers' exposure to an average of 100 ppm for an 8-hour workday, 40-hour workweek.

    Another immediate exposure by custodial workers to inhaling STYRENE is through buffing floors when performing normal maintenance procedures. As a buffing pad under a floor machine passes over the floor, it removes a microscopic, "oxidized layer of STYRENE acrylic polymer floor finish which creates the condition known as "powdering" -or-"dusting". As a result of this cleaning function, irritating, highly allergic, toxic "acrylic" dust is released into the air and being "breathed-in" by the custodial worker and subsequent building occupants. This acrylic dust may be devastating for children with asthma and may trigger an attack without warning .


    GO TO : (Health & Safety Data)



    "Electrolytic" means 'electrical flow' in liquid or 'electrolysis in solution'. Due to "neutral" ionic, electrical charges creating 'equilibrium', NEW surfaces which have not been cleaned with conventional cleaning chemical products stay clean for a longer period of time. Once these surfaces' equilibrium has been disrupted through conventional cleaners, the ionic charge is further disrupted causing the surface to soil more quickly. In these cases, the soils (containing either positive or negative charges will cause the host surface to attract more and more soil making the period between required cleanings shorter. As these soils have different ionic charges and as opposites attract, these soils will be held to the affected surfaces by the ionic charges in the soils.

    The "ELECTROLYTIC DEGREASER/STRIPPER  & NEUTRALIZER  & CLEANER/CONDITIONER" in our ENVIRONMENTALLY- CERTIFIED"GREEN"FLOOR CARE PROGRAM restores the ionic charge of the surface and returns it to "neutral" equilibrium whereby soils are released from the surface and easily comes off. In short, the soil is NOT chemically changed through cleaning agents BUT electrically altered.For BEST results with stripper, neutralize (STEP # 2) and rinse with clear water .

        STEP # 1 : STRIPPING

    E-LEK-TRO "Electrolytic"  DEGREASER/STRIPPER (CDC) : 

    A Floor Stripper which contains NO HARSH CAUSTICS, AMMONIA, OR SOLVENTS. It contains a low odor formula and a micro-foam catalyst that creates a lubricant to protect floors from coarse floor stripping pads.

    Although healthier and safer to use, E-LEK-TRO DEGREASER/STRIPPER  is HEAVY-DUTYwhich allows the floor to be stripped easier and faster. It uses "implosion technology" which allows deeper penetration and greater emulsification of floor finishes."IMPLOSION TECHNOLOGY" means that this stripper breaks the molecular locks and structure of most floor finishes by imploding it...causing the polymer structure to disintegrate. E-LEK-TRO DEGREASER/STRIPPER  is less slippery on floors than conventional strippers; and there are less residuals left behind ensuring proper adherence of newly applied floor coatings.

    Conventional floor strippers rely on corrosive, highly alkaline caustics and harsh solvents to soften, emulsify, and dissolve old floor seals and finishes, often upsetting indoor environments and potentially damaging existing flooring.

  • Provides superior surface preparation for better adhesion of subsequent floor coatings
  • Provides a more complete removal of old floor coatings
  • Does NOT create a more progressive porosity condition on floors with each stripping      as does conventional strippers.

    The MOST Important Step

    E-LEK-TRO "Electrolytic"  NEUTRALIZER (CDC) : 
     -- E-LEK-TRO NEUTRALIZER is a concentrated liquid rinsing agent base which brings most flooring surfaces back to a correct P.H.  Neutralizing and conditioning newly stripped floors before the application of Sealer/Finish acclimates the floor with a balanced ionic electrical charge which ensures that proper adhesion and bonding takes place. Check PH of floor with litmus paper to ensure it is neutral before proceeding to STEP# 3. E-LEK-TRO NEUTRALIZER  is also used to remove residues of conventional cleaning chemicals left on a floor prior to the implementation of this ENVIRONMENTALLY-CERTIFIED"GREEN"FLOOR CARE PROGRAM .



    Coverage : 2500 - 3000 sq.ft./gal. for first 2-3 coats ( after initial stripping )
    Up to 5000 sq.ft./gal for recoats

    E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH is the highest quality floor sealer/finish with crystal clear clarity and U.V. resistance. Due to its greater gloss retention and restoration capabilities, E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH repels the potential of imbedded soils and black heel marks. Unlike conventional floor coatings which dry from the top down, E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH dries and cures from the bottom up ensuring the strongest and most durable adhesion and bonding to the base floor. Due to this durability, stripping and re-coating cycles drop dramatically and creates REAL time-savings. Its clarity and leveling ability allows for easy traffic lane touch-up and blending . In fact, it is NEVER necessary to recoat an entire floor with E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH ...just the areas that need enhancement.

    E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH is an Ultra High-speed or Dry Bright Finish with incredible durability. It is formulated with an Internal Thermal Catalyst and a Curing Agent, resulting in drying times as quickly as 10 minutes under normal conditions. Using an environmentally-conscious polymer technology, E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH is TOTALLY POLYSTYRENE-FREE - and- STYRENE-FREE ! ( Polystyrene and Styrene are known carcinogenics ) .  It's unique technology eliminates discoloration from U.V. which commonly occurs with conventional floor finishes.

    On porous floors, new floors, or high traffic areas, apply 6 coats of E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH . For non-porous or deep scrubbed floors, apply 6 coats and burnish after the 3rd (third) and final coat. For re-coating, clean floor thoroughly with E-LEK-TRO FLOOR CLEANER/CONDITIONER (STEP# 4), rinse with clear water, and apply 1-3 coats of E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH . It can be applied to all types of floor surfaces including, but not limited to , ceramic tile, concrete,natural stone, resilient tile,VAT, and wood .

    AVAILABLE IN 25% -or- 22% SOLIDS


    restores appearances and maintains a high gloss as the daily cleaner in this ENVIRONMENTALLY-CERTIFIED"GREEN"FLOOR CARE PROGRAM .

    It's "ELECTROLYTIC IONIC EQUILIBRIUM PROPERTIES"  assists in repelling soils and keeps floor surfaces cleaner for a longer period of time . When applied, E-LEK-TRO FLOOR CLEANER/CONDITIONER adds moisture back into the E-LEK-TRO FLOOR SEALER/FINISH coating thereby making it more flexible and priming it for high-speed or standard floor buffing. As increased buffings take place, the floor finish becomes far more responsive and durable than most of today's competitive products .
    Safety Data

  • Package

    STEP #1)   E-LEK-TRO

    1/5 gallon pail

    4/1 gallon case

    STEP #2)   E-LEK-TRO

    1/5 gallon pail

    4/1 gallon case

    STEP #3)   E-LEK-TRO

    25% Solids
    1/5 gallon pail

    4/1 gallon case

    22% Solids
    1/5 gallon pail

    4/1 gallon case

    STEP #4)   E-LEK-TRO

    1/5 gallon pail

    4/1 gallon case




  • Made from 100% Natural Recycled Materials

  • Just Sprinkle , Agitate ,  &  Vacuum !

  • Leaves Carpets Clean, Dry , Fresh and Ready For Immediate Use.

  • Cleans Both Natural & Man-made Carpet Fiber

  • Creates Extremely Low Moisture Content On Carpets

  • Microsponges Are Totally Biodegradable


    "ENVIRODRI" is the Introductory Host to Carpet Cleaning , especially , when using conventional wet methods are not encouraged or practical . The "ENVIRODRI" Carpet Cleaning System utilizes a minimally moist powder derived from millions of miniature sponge-like granules which absorb dirt when agitated into carpet fiber (or any other surface).

    Carpet cleaning prolongs the life of any carpet and regular deep cleaning is the key to maintaining a carpet's youthful look. The traditional perception is that wet cleaning is more efficient, however, recent innovations in dry carpet cleaning indicates that this is no longer the case.

    Dry carpet cleaning works deep down within the fibers of the carpets quickly and easily, making maintenance extremely cost effective. However, carpet cleaning is not just about removing soils and improving the carpet appearance ; it's also about protecting and safeguarding indoor working and living environments by removing pollutants and contaminants. Dry carpet cleaning minimizes the possibility of over-wetting a carpet, which can cause problems such as mold growth and shrinkage . Dry carpet cleaning techniques will ultimately reduce mold spores from growing and help maintain a healthy environment.

    Dry cleaning methods ensure carpets are ready for immediate use after cleaning, eliminating the need to wait hours for a carpet to dry. In addition, due to the low use of moisture, dry cleaning allows for deep cleaning of soiled areas as often as needed.

    “ENVIRODRI”  is a dry carpet cleaning compound that is 100% soft recycled natural biodegradable and its entire product range uses only the highest quality ingredients. “ENVIRODRI”  is suitable for all kinds of carpets, from natural ( such as Sisal and Wool ) to man-made fibers; and is used anywhere where a quick-dry carpet cleaning system is necessary , such as airports , department stores, elevators , and hospitals .

    At the heart of “ENVIRODRI” is highly absorbent Microsponges, which are a recycled, biodegradable compound. These work just like a sponge, absorbing and then dissolving dirt. envirodri's natural product holds and controls The Microsponges are manually or automatically brushed into the carpet to allow absorbency of the dirt from the carpet fibers. The Microsponges are then simply vacuumed away leaving the carpets clean, fresh and ready for immediate use. “ENVIRODRI” places the highest importance on care of the environment while not compromising on quality and performance.

    “ENVIRODRI's” MicroSponges leave carpets clean, dry and fresh and ready for immediate use. These MicroSponges change color as they dissolve and absorb the dirt from the carpet fibers, trapping the dirt until vacuumed. Carpets can be used during the cleaning process or immediately after . There is NO downtime for drying or issues about sticky chemical residues which attracts fresh dirt . Through this technology , carpet overwetness ; shrinkage; damp, musty odors ; mildew & mold growth; or disfiguration damage is avoided . This carpet cleaning system was created to have extremely low moisture content . This carpet cleaning system is suitable for all types of carpets and approved for use on wool carpets .

    “ENVIRODRI's” Dry Carpet Cleaner MicroSponges are successfully used in different types of buildings such as residential homes; hospitals and nursing homes; offices; hotels; shops; showrooms; banks; and airports.In facilities requiring regular maintenance, busy 24 hour access, sensitive computer rooms, raised flooring with high voltage or where low moisture is required, “ENVIRODRI” excels.

    . Safety Data


    26.4 lb. keg

    “ Crystal Carpet Spot / Stain Remover — 

    “ Carpet Crystal Concentrate — 

    Wholesale Price
    $ 99.90/keg

    Website Price
    $ 89.90/keg


  • SAFE TO USE - Low Toxicity to Humans, Pets, and Aquatic Life
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Effective to -15F and Below

    Under 2 Years Old & Over 6 Months Old
  • CONTAINS NO SALTS - Contains NO Chlorides
    Will Not Harm Trees, Shrubs, or Other Vegetation
    When Used As Directed
  • DUAL PURPOSE - Use Before or After Snow
  • LASTS LONGER - Requires fewer applications
  • EASY TO HANDLE - Dry Pellets
    Manageable Pellet-sized Granules
  • ECONOMICAL - Use Less Product per Sq.Ft.
    than Most Other Ice Melters on the Market


    "ENVIROMELT" is a non-chloride de-icer which is used where environmental issues exist and a safer ice & snow melter is required .

    "ENVIROMELT" is a blend of neutralized organic compounds and urea. Ingredients in this formula have been shown to be non-corrosive to concrete, metals and other sensitive surfaces when used as directed. Outdoor steps, sidewalks, driveways and all other potentially slippery areas are made safer within minutes after application.

    "ENVIROMELT"  pellets are at least 25 % more effective than flakes, powders, or liquid ice melters .

    Concrete damage is caused by the buildup of water (melted ice) absorbed into the porous concrete, which then freezes and expands. This expansion within the concrete causes pressure to build up which eventually exceeds the limit the concrete is able to withstand. When the pressure becomes too great for the concrete, "spalling" ( scaling ) may occur. Ingredients in "ENVIROMELT"  modifies the effects of nature's freezing weather and reduces the chances of outdoor surface damages that may otherwise occur . "ENVIROMELT"  may reduce damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle by keeping melted ice in a liquid state for a longer period of time. This allows more water to drain off the concrete or evaporate, with less water being absorbed into the concrete.This product is the ONLY environmental choice for safety and effectiveness when compared to sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium chloride and their blends - which may actually increase surface damage caused by the freezing process .

    Approximate use ratio:
    The effectiveness of this product in a particular application is dependent upon actual climactic and traffic conditions, rate of application, and other factors.

    Applying any ice melting product to snow accumulations in excess of 2-inches is not recommended. "ENVIROMELT"  should not be over-applied or left in piles on the application area since this overuse can accelerate the adverse effects of freezing weather on concrete. After ice and packed snow have melted after initial application, it is recommended to shovel off excess slush and water. A second application may be necessary to provide satisfaction .

    DO NOT  use on chipped, cracked or broken concrete.
    DO NOT  use on brick walks or exposed aggregate.

    Use the following guide to achieve a wet, ice-free surface at various temperatures. These rates should be adjusted based on local conditions and experience. Over- application may result in slippery conditions beyond the scope of weather conditions .

    Temperature                                            Application rate
    Degrees F.                                                lbs/1000 sq ft.
    30 ...............................................................3-6 #
    20 ...............................................................5-10 #
    10 ...............................................................12-17#
    0 ..................................................................25-50#

    Safety Data

    Package (pellets)
    35 lbs. per drum

    1-4 drums

    5 + drums

    Wholesale Price

    $79.90/per drum

    $69.90/per drum

    Website Price

    $79.90/per drum

    $69.90/per drum





    AREA OF CONCERN :                             CLEANING TIP

    Bleaching Agent (Natural)                       Treat Stains with Lemon Juice
                                                                           Expose to Sunlight

    Leather Cleaner                                          Use "DOVE"® Soap.  
                                                                           Great for cleaning
                                                                           leather shoes, purses, coats,
                                                                           couches, and leather

    Paint Fumes & Odors                                    Cut Up Raw Onions...
                                                                            Onion Odors Interact
                                                                            With Most Airborne Odors
                                                                            and Alter Them ( Believe It
                                                                            or Not ! ) for the Better !!

    Paint Remover                                             Use 'Non-Toxic' Vegetable
                                                                            Oil to remove paint from
                                                                            hands and other surfaces.

    Plumbing Line Clogs                                   Pour 1-2 cups of Table Salt
                                                                            down the drain to unclog. 
    "Red"Wine Stains (on carpet)                   Dab"White"wine onto
                                                                           stain.Once stain is
                                                                           removed clean with mild
                                                                           detergent. Absorb excess
                                                                           moisture with a terry cloth
                                                                           towel. Allow to dry.

    Refrigerator Deodorizer                               Put your fresh coffee
                                                                             grounds in an open
                                                                             container. Place on lower
                                                                             shelf of refrigerator.
                                                                             Replace every 1-2 days.

    Rust Stains (Sinks & Toilets)                   Lemon "KOOL-AID"-
                                                                             Use 2-3 teaspoons.
                                                                             Removes rust as well
                                                                             as most caustic cleaners.

    Scratch Cover (for furniture)                        Rub the "nut meat"
                                                                              ( after cracking the shell )
                                                                              of Pecans or Walnuts
                                                                              into the scratch mark on
                                                                              dark woods. Then , buff.
                                                                              For cherry wood, use

    Soap Scum                                                        White Vinegar. Heat ,
                                                                                 without boiling. Pour
                                                                                 solution into trigger spray
                                                                                 bottles. Spray down
                                                                                 sinks, tubs, and showers.
                                                                                 Then, agitate with our
                                                                                 "H.C.B. Scouring Paste."

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner                                       "TANG" Breakfast Drink
                                                                              (its Citric Acid cleans
                                                                               the bowl). Add 2-3
                                                                                teaspoons into the toilet's
                                                                                water. Agitate with a
                                                                                bowl brush or swab.

    Water Stains (from Wood Furniture)           MAYONNAISE...
                                                                              removes furniture water
                                                                              stains. For tough stains,
                                                                              add cigarette ashes.
                                                                              Agitate with an old
                                                                              toothbrush. Wipe clean.

    Wood Floor Cleaner                                          TEA...Brew 1-2 tea bags
                                                                                 into one quart of boiling
                                                                                 water. Let solution cool
                                                                                 to room temperature.
                                                                                 Apply with self-wringing
                                                                                 mop. Buff with terry
                                                                                 cloth towel.

    Some tips taken from N.Y. POST-9/5/00
    Article entitled "All the Dirt..."

    For More FREE "Envirotips" CLICK HERE : 





    "ENZ-ODORS lite"

    Titanium Dioxide ( TiO2 )
    Coated Light Bulbs

  • Eliminates Persistent Odors & Biological Pollutants
  • Can Be Used Anywhere Which Takes A
    Standard Incandescent Light Bulb
  • One Light Bulb = 10, 000 Hours of Light
  • Energy Used : 23 Watts-Saves Up to 75% in Energy Costs
  • Ideal for Destroying Stale and Foul Odors Plaguing Basements, Bathrooms, Compactor areas, Compactor Chute Rooms, and Kitchens .

  • Technology Was Created by the"UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA'S SOLAR ENERGY and ENERGY CONVERSION LABORATORY", Gainsville, Florida ...Used by NASA .

    "ENZ - ODORS"  lite is a revolutionary new technology thateliminates persistent odors and biological contaminants & pollutants while providing energy efficient lighting . According to the EPA, the air inside your indoor environment may be up to 8 times more polluted than the air outside. Indoor biological contaminants & pollutants in the air can trigger environmental illness and other health problems. While most deodorizing products mask odors with harmful , petrochemical perfumes,"ENZ - ODORS"  lite is a "fresh-air producing" light bulb coated with a lightweight metal known as titanium dioxide (TiO2) which is light reactive and creates a "non-toxic" oxidizing vapor through a photocatalytic action when turned "on" . .The "ENZ - ODORS"  lite uses its own artificial light to react with the titanium dioxide coating and creates this oxidizing vapor which is released into the air . This oxidation process breaks down stale and foul odors completely and begins eliminating them within 10 minutes after the light bulb is turned "on" . The reaction also minimizes other biological contaminants and pollutants which may affect indoor air quality ."ENZ - ODORS"  lite : Eliminates persistent organic odors such as tobacco smoke, garbage odors and musty smells caused from biological pollutants . Fits virtually anywhere a standard incandescent bulb can be used. Is most effective when left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; However, intermittent use is also effective.

    One 23 watt "ENZ - ODORS"  lite is equivalent to the light source of an incandescent 100 watt bulb and adequately treats 400 sq.ft. ( 20' X 20' ) of space. For BEST results, one 23 watt "ENZ - ODORS"  lite is recommended per 10' x 10' room. 23-Watt = one ( 1 ) "ENZ - ODORS"  lite covers 100 sq. ft. The "ENZ - ODORS" lite can be used virtually anywhere a standard light bulb is used - table lamps, floor lamps, high-hat ceiling fixtures, above the stove, or in a plug-in, screw-based wall adapter (great for accent lighting on plants, furniture, etc.) ·

    One 42 watt 'Super' "ENZ - ODORS"  lite is equivalent to the light source of an incandescent 200 watt bulb adequately treats 600 sq.ft.( 20'X30') of garage or attic space . The most effective use of the "ENZ - ODORS" lite is to leave it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . However, intermittent usage of the "ENZ - ODORS" lite since the bulb DOES NOT have to be left on continually to be effective. The 'Super' 42-Watt = one (1 ) 'Super' "ENZ - ODORS"  covers 400 sq. ft.)Ideal for larger spaces, such as attics, basements, garages, and large storage areas or closets.

    Recommended areas for the "ENZ - ODORS"  lite include stale and foul odors plaguing basements, bathrooms, kitchens, compactor areas, compactor chute rooms in daycare centers, hospitals, hotels, kennels, nursing homes, residential living towers, and schools.


    Our "ENZ - ODORS"  lite minimizes odor-producing sources; and biological contaminants & pollutants in the air without employing "toxic" chemicals. The "ENZ - ODORS"  lite combines an energy efficient light source with a TiO2 (titanium dioxide) coating to effectively minimize odor-producing sources and biological pollutants while being relatively safe for humans and animals while in operation.

    FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Please refer to "OZONElite"  Which Eliminates Harmful Irritants such as Airborne Bacteria ,Dust Mites ,Fungi, Mold, Organic Odors, Tobacco Smoke, & Viruses

    Package ( Ready-to-Use )
    THREE ( 3 )"ENZ - ODORS" lites

    Wholesale Price
    $78.99 per 3

    Website Price
    $63.66 per 3



  • Made With Bio-Based Ingredients

  • Unleashes Nature's Power To Combat Malodors

  • Refreshing, Non-Descript Natural Fragrance

  • Fortified With An Effective Eucalyptus Scent

  • Economical Super - Concentrate

  • "EUCALYPTO" is a super-concentrated , bio-powered , odor suppressant which Naturally refreshes and invigorates stale indoor environments and provides effective odor-counteraction . It is a high performance odor suppressant product containing eucalyptus oil with minimal environmental, health, and safety issues VERSUS conventional deodorizers containing synthetic perfumes .

    "EUCALYPTO"  provides instant relief from unpleasant smells through positive odor conjugation . This odor suppressant neutralizes foul odors coming from garbage, refuse, fecal and other animal discharges , or organic decomposition . "EUCALYPTO" treats Compost Site Odors ; Dumpster / Trash Bin Odors ; Garbage / Waste Truck Odors ; Landfill Waste Odors ; Lift Station Odors ; Rendering Plant Odors ; Totter Odors ; Transfer Station Odors ; Transfer Trailer Odors ; and Waste Water Odors .

    Safety Data

    4 / 1 gallons / case

    “ Nokimded — under 'N'... ) 

    Wholesale Price




    Australian Tea Tree Oil Tea  Tree  Oil Eucalyptus  Oil
    - Based -
    Deodorizer  Concentrate

    "Nok-im'-ded" under 'N' )


    BACKGROUND :  "Nokimded"™    is an amazingly unique concentrated deodorization product for the carpet and fabric industry consisting of tea tree and eucalyptus oils from Australia. The basis for "Nokimded"™  is revolutionary extracts from the famous "TEA TREE" (melaleuca alternifolia), a member of the Myrtaceae found in Northern New South Wales Australia. There are over 300 varieties of "TEA TREE"  throughout Australia but ONLY this one boasts of "amazing" powers. This "TEA TREE"  OIL , according to precedence , provides anti-septic , germicidal , anti-fungal , and anti-bacterial immune boosting qualities that may be applied to a variety of health conditions. "TEA TREE"  OIL was used by Aborigine tribes for thousands of years as a healing plant when its leaves were crushed into mudpacks to cuts and skin infections. Myths tell of a "magical" healing lagoon , in which the local tribe bathed as a treatment for wounds , burns and other ailments. In fact , it was a pond into which tea tree leaves had fallen , creating a naturally antiseptic bath.

    Famous British explorer Captain Cook discovered "TEA TREE" in 1770 when he and his men brewed the leaves of the tree to drink to prevent scurvy. Although it proved ineffective on scurvy , he returned home with his new discovery but it's merits was discounted by medical experts at the time. As early as 1923, Australian scientific evidence began to substantiate the "TEA TREE's" antiseptic and bactericidal properties. It's  "cure-all" effects made it standard issue in the first aid kits of the Australian Army and Navy during World War II . In 1933 , the British Medical Journal reported that "TEA TREE"OIL was "a powerful disinfectant-non poisonous and non-irritant ." By 1955 , the United States Dispensatory stated that "TREE TEA" OIL was actively germicidal..."with an antiseptic action 11 to 13 times that of carbolic acid." Recent research has even discovered that "TREE TEA" OIL can fight Methicillan-resistant Staphylcoccus aureus (M.R.S.A.-the so-called, hospital killer bug).

    The continent of Australia is the largest "TEA TREE" supplier in the world. "TEA TREE"  OIL is a complex substance made up of almost 50 chemical compounds. The OIL CLAIMS To Have 4 MAIN FUNCTIONS:
    • #2) Acts as a ANTI-FUNGAL AGENT
    • #3) Acts as a VIRUCIDE (can kill certain viruses); and
    • #4) Naturally boosts the body's IMMUNE SYSTEM !
    According to some experts, "TEA TREE" OIL is the strongest, natural antiseptics known to "man". It's 4-5 stronger than usual household disinfectants. A 1% solution in laundry water is known to kill dust mites, whose presence is known to cause "asthma" and other respiratory irritations in people. Additionally, "TEA TREE" extract is the key ingredient to provide "Nokimded"™  with the "POWER" as an effective DEODORIZER  and CARPET SOLUTION TANK ADDITIVE  in  'clean'  and  'unsanitary' water  and  'fire restoration'  applications.

    Unfortunately, the exorbitant expense of registering this type of product with the FEDERAL   E.P.A.   prohibits the use of any cleaning or chemical term other than "DEODORANT" to be legally applied to this product in many instances.

    "Nokimded" ™   DEODORANT --- U.S. Patent # : 6 , 019 , 963 -- 
          -------CONCENTRATED  ECONOMY

    The NOSE Knows! is a highly concentrated deodorizer derived from 'NATURAL' TEA TREE & EUCALYPTUS OILS. This product contains NO  Synthetic -or- Masking Perfumes to counter the offensive source of the foul odors. All odor dispersing agents in "Nokimded" ™ DEODORANT are essentially 'NATURAL' and 'BIODEGRADABLE'. It's odor-neutralizing formulation disperse malodors under many various circumstances such as : a carpet exposed to water from storm , flood , overflow , or pipe breakage which takes on "a musty smell" from mold & mildew growth ; a carpet contaminated by pet urine or feces ; and/or a fire-damaged building or home overcome by a strong smell of smoke. Further, this  'NATURAL'  and 'NON-HAZARDOUS' Deodorizer  upon  usage DOES NOT  effect stain resistance through chemical fiber protection of treated fabrics or carpeting.

    "Nokimded" ™  DEODORANT  can be applied with pressure , pump-up , or electric sprayers ; water-based foggers ; sponge ; or injection type applications.

    EFFECTIVE AFTER : Fires ; Floods ; Musty Mold & Mildew Odors ; Pet Mishaps; Sewer Back-ups.
    EFFECTIVE IN : Autos ; Barns ; Bathrooms ; Cafeterias ; Cars ; Closets ;
    Gymnasiums ; Health Care ; Hospitals ; Garages ; Hotels ; Infant/Invalid
    Care ; Lockers ; Motels ; Planes ; Restaurants ; Sheds ; Shower rooms ;
    Shuttles ; Storage Facilities ; Trucks ; Trains .
    EFFECTIVE ON : Carpets ; Ceilings ; Clothing ; Drapes ; Floors;
    Furniture ; Drywall ; Insulation ; Mattresses ; Padding ; Plaster;
    Upholstery ; Walls

    General & Laundry Deodorization :
    Mix 8 oz. of "Nokimded" ™   Concentrate into
    one gallon (128 oz.) of water.

    Carpet Treatment : Pre-spray ; Truckmount Slurry ;
    Clean Water Restoration --

    Mix 16 oz. of "Nokimded" ™   Concentrate into one gallon (128 oz.)
    of water , apply , wait 10 minutes , and extract.

    Water & Fire Damage ; Unsanitary Water Restoration --
    Mix 32 oz. of "Nokimded" ™   Concentrate into one gallon (128 oz.)
    of water , apply , wait 10 minutes , and extract.

    Boosting/Deodorizing Carpet Extraction Treatment :
    Dilute Carpet Extraction Treatment with water into solution tank as per label directions. Add 1 to 2 oz. of "Nokimded" ™   Concentrate to pre-mixed carpet cleaning solution. THIS REAL TIME-SAVER will clean and deodorize in ONE-STEP!

    • Formulated with tea tree oil direct from Australia

    • This ancient mystic ingredient is recognized world-wide for its
      anti-microbial qualities.

    • Amazing deodorizing capabilities without heavy chemical

    • Used especially for: mold & mildew odors , urine smells ,
      water & fire damage odors ; and GENERAL DEODORIZING.

    **Appearance : CLEAR          **Odor : FRESH, CLEAN
    **P.H. : NEUTRAL                  **Specific Gravity : 1.00
    **Flash Point : NONE             **Biodegradable : YES

    Safety Data

    Package (Liquid Concentrate) : 1/55 gallon drum ;
    1/5 gallon pail ; 4/1 gallon case ; 12/16 oz. pint case

    DISCLAIMER :  Some  product  lines are  manufactured  and  distributed  by  world-wide  corporations  known  for  being  leaders  and  innovators of high quality  products in  the  organic,  biodegradable, and  environmental fields.  In  some  instances, these  easily  recognizable
    brand  names are  being  replaced with generic descriptions  so  we  can  offer  our  valued  Internet  visitors  a  discounted   website  price,
    where applicable. Offer Void Where Prohibited.

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