Outdoor Furniture/Decking Enhancement

"Outdoor Furniture/Decking Enhancement"


Area of Interest: limiting the effects of weathering, mold, and mildew growth, bird droppings, acid rain, green algae growth, and other assorted soils on outdoor furniture and decking.

Benefits: provides an affordable rejuvenation process to prolong the life of your expensive investments.

This professional-strength cleaning kit includes:
  • 1-'Mixing Measuring Bottle ' bottle
  • 1-One ( 1 ) gallon ( 128 oz.) PUMP SPRAYER
    (for "Mildew Removal/Heavy-duty Cleaning")
  • 1-color-coded trigger sprayer
    (for Mildew Removal/Heavy-duty Cleaning)
  • 1-scrub brush
  • 1-scrub sponge
  • 1-pair of rubber gloves
  • 1-disposable dust mask
  • Plus easy-to-follow directions
1 kit each
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