Carpet Cleaning

"Carpet Cleaning"


Areas of Interest: Carpeting is a worthwhile investment to protect in your home. The worst enemies of carpet appearance are spots, stains, and grimy soils.

Benefits: Restores original color and brightness to carpet fiber without requiring any carpet cleaning equipment.

This professional-strength cleaning kit includes:
  • 1-gallon "CARPET CLEANING POLYMER CONCENTRATE" (ALSO Removes Carpet Spots/Stains )
  •       --Combines the amazing cleaning and deodorizing characteristics of a proven & accredited stabilized hydrogen peroxide- based cleaner with the anti-soil fighting capabilities of a encapsulating soil polymer. The result is a process that leaves carpeting cleaner than ever before; and then fights re-soiling by encapsulating residual cleaning agents and soils in the polymer! The encapsulated soils and polymer are removed with the next vacuuming of the carpet after your carpet dries !
    Excellent for removing "PET STAINS".
  • 1-quart of liquid "BLUE HEAVEN" BIOLOGICAL ODOR COUNTERACTANT.-Excellent for removing "PET SMELLS".
  • 1-one gallon "RED" Color-coded pump sprayer ( for carpet cleaner application )
  • 1-color-coded bottle set ( 2 bottles for spot/stain removal functions )
    ---R.T.U. "BLUE" color-coded bottle = Carpet Spot Removal
    ---R.T.U. "RED" color-coded bottle = Carpet Stain Removal
  • 1-measuring bottle proportioner (for concentrate)
  • 2-rayon mops ( 1-for applying carpet solution / 2-for damp mop rinsing with water )
  • 1-hand scrub brush for spot/stain removal
  • 2-spot/stain removal blotting towels
  • 1-Shaker Can Carpet / Room Vacuum Deodorizer ( when needed with vacuuming )
  • 1-plastic deck brush (for carpet agitation)
  • 1-9" carpet rake head (for pile lifting)
  • Plus easy-to-follow directions
1 kit each
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