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4 Wilmington Drive
Melville, New York 11747

Telephone: 1-631-643-1882
Fax: 1-631-643-4649

General Information


Due to the "unsecured" nature of our website, we suggest that you PRINT the
order form from our site and fax it to our 631-643-4649 -or- just call us
with the order at : 631-643-1882 .

Methods of Payment

  • Through our  SECURED  Electronic Banking System :" PAYPAL ".
    It accepts electronic transfer from your checking account or credit cards.
    Just go to our home page : http://www. cleaningpro. com
    and scroll down the page UNTIL you see the " PAYPAL " logo.
    Click twice.


    Here are easy-to-follow directions for setting up your  FREE  account.
    There is NO COST to you since the vendor ( HEALTHY CLEAN
     )pays a 2 % fee for every banking transaction:

    Step # 1 ) Go to : http:// www.paypal.com
    ( Cookies will appear. Press O.K. )

    Step # 2 ) A request to a "SECURE DOCUMENT" will appear.

    Step # 3 ) You will appear at "PAYPALíS" Main Page.

    Step # 4 ) Click-"SIGN UP FOR YOUR  FREE  'PAYPAL' ACCOUNT".
    ( A Cookie will appear. Click O.K. )

    Step # 5 ) Please register your account using your e-mail address
    ( ie : johnjanedoe@mainst.com ) and password ( must a minimum 8-10 letters).

    Step # 6 ) Allow account to be established .

    Step # 7 ) Click "LOGIN"  into your account.
    Click TOP   BLUE  TAB : "SEND MONEY".

    Step # 8 ) For Recipient's name, Fill In : healthycleanblgs@gmail.com
    You can now pay for this order with your


  • Visa
  • MasterCard

    If you are having any problems with processing,
    call "PAYPAL"  Direct TOLL-FREE at : 1-888-221-1161

  • C.O.D  ( Commercial and Residential )
  • House Credit ( Commercial Only ) -- email requests to healthycleanblgs@gmail.com

    In summary:

    Payment to HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS can be made by either :

    Making check or money order out to:

    and send payment to:
    4 Wilmington Drive
    Melville, New York 11747


    Payment can be made through our electronic banking system : "PAYPAL".
    It accepts electronic transfer from your checking account or credit cards.

Orders Can Be Placed By
  • Using the commercial or residential order forms.
  • Emailing us at healthycleanblgs@gmail.com.
  • Phoning your "Environmental Cleaning Consultant" at: 1-631-643-4649 ..
  • Faxing your order at 1-631-643-4649 .
  • Mailing a hard copy order form with a check or money order.

"Guaranteed Satisfaction" Policy

     'HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS' ®  -located in Melville, New York 11747
(telephone: 631-643-1882; e-mail: healthycleanblgs@gmail.com) -is dedicated to the elimination of existing, conventional "TOXIC" and "HAZARDOUS" cleaning chemicals in homes, offices, schools and public buildings; and to advise parents accordingly about our widely recognized and accredited 'KID-PROOF' "HEALTHY & SAFE" School Cleaning Program. This revolutionary cleaning system serves as an effective "environmentally-preferable" alternative to existing, conventional programs. Additionally, this program addresses controversial indoor environmental issues such as "Sick Building Syndrome"; "I.A.Q." (Indoor Air Quality); "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities" (MCS); allergic triggers; respiratory ailments including asthma; mold & mildew issues; dust mites; and other similar ' building occupant' concerns.

     LAURI HALPERN, is President and sole owner of   "HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS" ®  -dedicated to "safe cleaning products that care". As a mother to two children, she pledges herself to the same high standards of quality and service associated with this 'healthier and safer' program concept. Her company- "HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS" ®   -has become a mecca for cleaning information on  'Environmentally"GREEN" Alternatives  to conventional cleaning products due to HER involvement and commitment to these concepts.

     Consequently, she has made the best efforts to GUARANTEE  the   BEST QUALITY AND SERVICE with your purchasing decision. Her business experience dictates that "HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS ®  may fall short in meeting ALL performance expectations on ALL products ALL of the time. She realizes that if you are unhappy with your online purchase, then she is unhappy too. As her customer, you must be satisfied with your purchase or she will credit your account for the full dollar amount to be applied against a future purchase. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED!!   FULL CREDIT WILL BE FORTHCOMING AND ISSUED AGAINST A FUTURE PURCHASE ONLY WHEN 2/3 OR MORE OF UNUSED MERCHANDISE HAS BEEN RETURNED AT YOUR EXPENSE AND ONLY AFTER "HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS" ®  HAS AUTHORIZED SUCH A RETURN.

Order Confirmation

Within 24 hours after placing an order with us, our customer service department will contact you via telephone, fax machine, or email to acknowledge receipt of your order. At this time, we will quickly review the billing and shipping addresses; products and quantities requested; gift choice; and total dollar amount. In the event that we cannot reach you within the same day, we will leave you a message by email with the total dollar amount. An order cannot be shipped unless you accept-either verbally or electronically-the total dollar amount. This procedure is necessary to avoid costly misunderstanding and mistakes by both parties.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Clean safely,

Quick Deliveries

F.O.B. Melville, New York.
Delivery Policy:
Our best effort will be made to make all deliveries within 5-7 working days.
There will be an additional $16.95 shipping/handling charge on each cleaning/maintenance kit ordered.
Shipping/handling charges are based on actual weight of merchandise. Once your order is placed, your 'automatic order confirmation' will quote you your actual shipping/handling charges for approval.

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